General Features

  • Throughput: 60 samples/hour
  • Principle: ISE (Ion Selective Electrode)
  • 5.6-inch touch screen
  • Auto sampling, washing, calibration
  • Real-time display reagent volume
  • Simple tubing system, easy maintenance
  • CE marked


    Technical Specifications

    Sample type Serum
    Sample volume 100 – 200 µl
    Calibration Automatic or On-demand
    Closed reagent Real time monitoring reagent
    Printer Internal thermal printer
    Storage Up to 50.000 results
    Interface RS-232, support LIS
    Working temperature 15-30°C
    Humidity 20-80%
    Dimension 430x275x410 mm
    Net weight 8 kg

    Additional Information

    Maintenance Reagent

    • Deprotein Solution
    • Cleaning Solution
    • PVC Electrode Activating Solution
    • DS-Ref Filling Solution
    • DS-ISE Filling Solution


    Assel Srl
    Balio Diagnostics

    Technical Information


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