The 5 part-diff for everyone

OX – 560 is the best solution for laboratories which wants to switch from 3 part-diff to 5 part-diff . Thanks to its small size and its solution developed to simplify daily operations, OX – 560 offers qualities of the biggest analyzers with advantages of the smallest ones.


    Robust and Powerful

    OX – 560 is one of the most compact 5 part-diff instrument of the market and can easily find its place in every laboratory. With a memory of 50 000 results, 27 parameters, 60 tests per hour, 3 histograms and 1 scattergram 3D, OX – 560 offers a full and complete review of patients datas.

    Low maintenance

    OX – 560 is very easy to operate and especially thanks to its simplify maintenance. For the latter, it is performed daily only by soaking the probe cleaner and only one button is necessary to troubleshoot : Intelligent Fault Diagnosis System.

    Intuitive and User-friendly

    OX – 560 offers a 10.4″ color touch screen simplifying the daily operations. Always in order to make the work more comfortable, the impression format can be changed by the user. All the operating tasks appear on the screen.

    Precise and Reliable

    OX – 560 is characterised by a wide linearity range, low report, excellent background and reliable results which guarantee the basis of a first-class diagnosis.

    Additional Information

    Weight 26.5 kg
    Dimensions 36.4 x 43.1 x 49.8 cm

    Technical Information


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