Intelligence Articulated

P60, configured with SonoScape’s latest prominent Wis+ platform, is designed to provide more insightful and constructive evidence for diagnosis through authentic detail display, easy-but-effective intelligent analysis and streamlined workflow.


    An Artificial Intelligence Based Ultrasound Platform

    Brings unprecedented improvement on efficiency and accuracy

    The adoption of AI on P60 not only simplifies the workflow greatly, but also provides enhanced reproducibility and consistency in measurement.


    S-Fetus is a user-friendly tool allowing fully automatic and accurate detection of the most significant planes and frequently used measurements of fetal biometry. With a cine loop of the fetal head, S-Fetus can extract the standard planes and display the measurement results in one second, reducing the required keystrokes and working time remarkably by several times. It is designed to transform obstetric ultrasound examinations into a much cozier, faster and more delightful experience.


    S-Thyroid is an advanced tool in detecting and classifying suspicious thyroid lesions based on ACR TI-RADS (American College of Radiology Thyroid Imaging Reporting and Data System) guideline. After selecting the region of interest, S-Thyroid can automatically define the lesion boundaries and generate a report regarding the features of the suspicious lesion.


    Exerts the full potential of micro flow imaging

    The comprehensive contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging and quantification package on P60 offer doctors a thorough solution to evaluate perfusion dynamics in a wide range of clinical settings.

    Micro F

    Enables visualization for micro-vascularized structures

    Micro F provides an innovative method to expand the range of visible flow in ultrasound, especially for visualizing slow flow tiny vessels. By adopting an advanced adaptive filter and accumulating temporal and spatial signals, Micro F can distinguish minute flow from overlaying tissue movement effectively, and depict hemodynamic with higher sensitivity and spatial resolution.

    Advanced Cardiovascular

    Strives for a comprehensive solution for cardiac evaluation

    Equipped with SonoScape’s unique pure single crystal phased array transducers and state-of-the-art processing technology, P60 is committed to restore every fine detail and element for precise diagnosis. New Myocardium Quantitative Analysis (MQA) provides in-depth quantitative report on global and regional myocardial wall motion dynamics of the left ventricle, offering doctors a comprehensive assessment of myocardial functions.

    Extensive Transducers

    Broaden the spectrum of applications

    Comprehensive selection ranging from linear, convex, phased array, endocavity, volumetric and specialty transducers touches all aspects of ultrasound exams, exactly meeting clinicians’ demands for general imaging. Every transducer is delicately tailored to deliver superb image quality on P60. Up-to-date craftsmanship and acoustic material used in transducers aim to create authentic and brilliant imaging experience, allowing for complete ease and confidence in no matter routine cases or technically challenging patients.

    Optimized Design

    Inspires every ergonomic scanning

    The design of P60 focuses on simplicity and compactness but makes no compromise to powerful performance. Height adjustable and lateral rotatable panel and an articulating monitor arm can basically satisfy any requirements under different scanning conditions.



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